Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Culture Wars – Winning by Losing

          Evangelicals are losing – big time.  Just last week, a Supreme Court justice refused to exempt Hobby Lobby from a healthcare mandate requiring companies to provide abortion-inducing drugs for their employees.  As a result, this Christian-owned company must now provide these drugs – or face a fine of 1.3 million dollars a day!  As one blogger rightly noted, Hobby Lobby may become “The First Martyr Under Obamacare.”   
            Also last week, Louie Giglio, under intense pressure from gay-rights groups, decided to withdraw from praying at the Presidential Inauguration.  Gay activists had objected to statements Giglio had made some 20 years ago calling homosexual activity a sin – and decrying efforts to normalize homosexuality.  Giglio now spends much of his time fighting human trafficking and said he’s not interested in also fighting the gay agenda.  “Neither I, nor our team,” he said, “feel it best serves the core message and goals we are seeking . . .  to be in a fight on an issue not of our choosing.”            
            Some Christians are disappointed with Giglio’s response – and disheartened by the ruling concerning Hobby Lobby.   But, I wonder if these figurative examples of publicly crucifying Christians just might backfire on liberals.  And perhaps we Christians, by losing the culture war, just might win.
            After all, liberal activists didn’t gain the upper hand in this fight by offering stellar arguments.  Instead, they won by portraying themselves as victims and we Christians as the victimizers.  This strategy, as it applies to gay rights, is described in great detail in the 1989 book, “After the Ball.” The authors write,In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be portrayed as victims . . .  so that straights will be inclined by reflex to adopt the role of protector.”  
            However, if gay rights and pro-choice activists continue to strip Christians of their rights, this narrative will become harder to sell.  That is, if we Christians refuse to retaliate and instead, turn the other cheek.  I’m not saying we retreat from our convictions.  In fact, I urge Giglio to affirm that he still holds a biblically orthodox view of homosexuality, which he still has not done.  But, let’s remember that walking away from a fight – or even forfeiting a company – sends a message. And, this message exposes the true identity of the real bullies in this fight.  


  1. This may be of interest on this topic:

    Joe Carter|4:42 AM CT
    Debatable: How Should Evangelicals Respond to the Inauguration Prayer Incident?

    Julie, these email links, like yours, do not work for my computer without installing some other mail client.

    If you would be interested in reviewing my book on Christian Pacifism, I'd be glad to send the word doc.

  2. "After all, liberal activists didn’t gain the upper hand in this fight by offering stellar arguments."

    Erm... are you implying that universal rights based on biologic function isn't a strong argument?

    What rights have you lost again?

  3. "However, if gay rights and pro-choice activists continue to strip Christians of their rights"

    and how exactly are Christians being stripped of their rights here?
    because they not longer get everything they want every time? or just their 'god given' right to trample on other peoples rights?

    (btw, that pill in question does not cause a abortion, it prevents fertilization. fact check before you post something next time)

  4. Anon... There has been some debate about whether or not the morning-after pill really causes abortions. In the heat of the presidential campaign, the NY Times published an article claiming that the pill prevented fertilization, but not implantation of a fertilized egg. However, the FDA Birth Control Guide (published in Aug. 2012 - after the NY Times article) continues to claim the pill can prevent human embryos from implanting. (Everyone admits the pill affects the uterine lining. The only question is how severely.)

    Also, Obamacare provides for IUD's, as well, which everyone acknowledges causes destruction of life before implantation. So, clearly the mandate tramples on the consciences of those who believe it's wrong to take a human life.

  5. After all, liberal activists didn’t gain the upper hand in this fight by offering stellar arguments.

    You mean like the argument that because someone ate a piece of fruit $6,000 or so years ago without permission, we now all deserve to be tortured for all of eternity - that kind of stellar argument?

  6. In context, simply eating that piece of fruit was cosmic treason. The truly amazing thing is that God took the punishment for our treason -- and He endured the torture of the cross so we wouldn't have to suffer eternally. Where each of us spends eternity is our choice. As Milton's Satan poses, we can either "reign in Hell" or "serve in Heaven."

  7. Whether or not the pill or the morning after pill or an IUD actually causes an abortion isn't quite what is the point of what Hobby Lobby (and others) are arguing. It's about whether or not someone else should be forced to pay for those pills and devices against their will and morals. Why should one person, and by extension their business, be forced to pay for something that they believe might cause the end of a life? No one is denying access to these things, they are just saying they don't want to be forced into paying for someone's else's choice to be a consumer of those medications and devices. Seems an awful lot the State is climbing over that wall so carefully separating it from the church.

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  9. President Obama is firmly committed to the homosexual agenda and recent promises made to the LBGT and others have caused some in the conservative movement and the evangelical and Pentecostal churches to shudder. It is also clear that the church's concerns have little bearing on the President's position to throw the doors open for the "gay agenda by closing the steel doors around those who make so much as a whimper against the gays. Signing the untested and highly suspect Matthew Shepard act is the latest evidence of that.

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